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Looking for a fabulous babysitter or nanny in West Australia? Join Find A Babysitter to find the perfect carer for your family.

Find A Babysitter is Australia’s most trusted platform for finding nannies and babysitters in Perth, WA.

Join us to Post your Job Ad now. After posting your job, it's sent out in ‘job alerts’ to all matched carers in your area in WA. You can also choose to reach out to carers listed on our site.

After making contact with babysitters and nannies, you interview and reference check candidates before employing them.

Find A Babysitter gives you a range of resources to help you find the right match. This includes a handy interview guide and reference check questions.

Find A Babysitter is not a nanny agency. This removes the middleman and the associated overheads and fees. This keeps childcare more affordable for you. Your dollar goes further. You also get control and choice to select the ideal babysitter or nanny for your family.

One membership gives you a Job Posting and access to all the babysitters on our list in WA. You choose a membership for 3, 6 or 12 months. It’s a one-time joining fee, not a recurring subscription, keeping it simple.

We know that lots of parents in WA don’t have extended family nearby able to help with the hectic juggling act of childcare, school, work and social life.

Since 2005 Find A Babysitter has been a trusted market leader in Australia. During this time we’ve introduced thousands of parents to wonderful babysitters and nannies.

Our mission at Find A Babysitter is to help you find all the support you need to make your life easier.

Whether it’s evening babysitting, after school care or a daytime nanny, Find A Babysitter has a range of carers ready to help in WA. Join today to find your perfect babysitter.

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