About Find a Babysitter

FindABabysitter.com.au is Australia's most trusted site for parents to find a babysitter or nanny.

Hi, we're Jeff and Delia, a husband and wife team.

We loved Find A Babysitter so much we built it, sold it, and bought it back!

We started the site in 2005 when we had very small children (2 children under 2 - what were we thinking?). It grew quickly and won several business awards. We sold it after 5 years, as our children grew up.

In 2021 we discovered that the previous owner wasn't keen to keep investing in the site, so we jumped at the chance to bring it home.

Over the years we've had so many people - friends, family, total strangers - tell us how much Find A Babysitter helped them. They all had stories of finding the perfect babysitter who became a valued part of the family.

We're passionate about Find A Babysitter. We love using our combined strengths to ensure it's the best, most affordable, most trusted place for you to find babysitters and nannies.

We look forward to hearing more stories of your FAB babysitters and how they've helped you!

Delia Timms & Jeff Bonnes xx