How to Write a Great Babysitter Profile

Your profile description can help you land the perfect childcare job with the right family. It is important to spend time refining your profile, so that it showcases you and your wonderful skills.

Keep it brief and relevant - no need to write your entire resume! Write a few sentences about your strengths, previous child care related experience and any qualifications.

What to cover:

Describe in a few sentences:

Why do you enjoy working with children?

When have you worked as a nanny or babysitter? (e.g. in the past few months or years?)

Who have you looked after? ( e.g. newborns, toddlers, primary-school age, children with special needs)

What sort of work are you ideally looking for? (e.g. full-time job, several part-time jobs, occasional babysitting)

Are you flexible about work - Mention whether you are flexible or not about days, hours or duties, as this may make a difference.

Be yourself! Write a description that shows your personality, strengths and skills. Parents can get to know you through your writing. They want to see your personality shine through!

Stay visible - Make sure you have ticked the 'visible' box at the bottom of your profile to ensure your profile is seen on the site!

*Please don't write your surname, email or phone number into your 'Profile Description' for security reasons. It is important to enter this information in your registration. After you have exchanged emails with parents you can share your phone number with them.

After completing your babysitter profile you'll be all set and ready to apply for jobs. Check out the range of great babysitting jobs available right now.

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