5 Tips to Write a Great Job Ad to Find A Nanny or Babysitter

It’s a very tough employment market now, making it challenging to recruit babysitters and nannies.

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There are lots of parents seeking carers to help them with the busy juggling act. Many of them are seeking babysitters and nannies for similar days or hours, such as after school care.

The good news is that

  • Find A Babysitter is the respected market leader with unparalleled reach, and invests heavily in bringing new recruits to the site daily
  • There are always job-seekers looking for new opportunities!

To leverage this we recommend making the most of your Job Posting on Find A Babysitter. Use your Job Posting to attract babysitters and nannies attention! Ensure your ad stands out from the rest!

Here are our tips on writing a great job ad to help you find a nanny or babysitter:


  • Write the days/hours at the very top of your ad.
  • Describe the children’s interests - what will the nanny enjoy doing with them? Playing dress ups, walking in the park nearby, dancing to The Wiggles, building blanket forts, baking cupcakes?
  • Add personality and humour - what makes your family different from the rest? Why would the carer want to work with your family?


  • Does your role involve driving? If so, state whether the carer needs to use her own car and the distances she’ll be driving.
  • Consider increasing the hourly rate if she is driving her own insured, serviced, safe vehicle.


  • Make sure you write the hourly rate in the Job Posting.
  • Hourly rates for babysitters and nannies are rising in this tight market.
  • Make sure you are offering enough to compete with others.


  • In a competitive market you may need to be flexible about the nanny’s role.
  • If there are multiple shifts can this role be shared between 2 carers?
  • Can you be flexible about some of the duties or requirements? (e.g., speaking a 2nd language or doing housekeeping)


  • Allow at least 1-2 weeks or more to get applications.
  • If you are not getting any applicants after 1-2 weeks, review your job ad. Do you need to edit the wording to make it more appealing? Do you need to alter the details of the role? Do you need to update the hourly rates?

We hope this helps you with your recruitment process. In a tight labour market it may take a little more time and effort, but we know you’ll find a fabulous nanny or babysitter in an affordable way, by using these tips on Find A Babysitter.

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