10 Tips to Care for your Babysitter

Here are some practical things to do when your babysitter arrives for her first day on the job.

  1. House Tour: Conduct a brief tour of the house when the babysitter arrives. Include relevant door keys/locks, heating/cooling systems, baby monitor and telephone location.
  2. Room Tour: Conduct a tour of the child's room if relevant - including location of pyjamas, bedtime books/toys and nappy changing items (if required).
  3. Facilities: Show your babysitter the tea, coffee, snacks, TV and bathroom facilities for the evening. Let her know what is allowed (e.g., rules for phone use, what she can eat) and not allowed (e.g., smoking, boyfriends).
  4. Phone Numbers: Leave a list of phone numbers (your mobile phone, emergency contacts) and a completed 'Emergency Information Checklist'
  5. Routine: Explain the steps of the bedtime routine - include the bed time, story time, tooth brushing, location of bottles, dummies and comfort toys.
  6. Settling Strategies: Warn the babysitter if your child is likely to wake up during the evening. Tell her your settling strategies.
  7. Cancellations: Never leave a sick child with a babysitter. Try to cancel as early as possible if you need to.
  8. Timing: Tell the sitter the approximate time you expect to be home. If you are running late, call or SMS the sitter to advise her.
  9. Payment: Prepare the correct change to pay the babysitter.
  10. Safety: At the end of the evening, show the babysitter to her car for safety.
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