How to write a great profile

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Your profile description can help you land the perfect childcare job with the right family. It is important to spend time tinkering your profile, so that it presents yourself in the best possible light. You want families to spot you for the right reasons.

Keep it brief and relevant - Don't write your entire resume! Write a few sentences about your strengths, previous child care related experience and qualification.

What to cover:

Why you want to provide childcare?  Why you enjoy working with children?

When you have worked as a nanny or babysitter?  (e.g. since you were 16 or over the past 5 years)

Who have you looked after? ( e.g. newborns, toddlers, primary-school age, special needs)

What sort of work are you ideally looking for? (e.g. full-time job, several part-time jobs, occasional babysitting)

Flexibility - Mention whether you are flexible or not about days, hours, rates or duties - this may make a difference.

Personality - Feel free to add a comment that shows your personality or special skills. This will differentiate you from others.

Check it again - Read through your profile from your account page to make sure it reads well. A preview is located on your My Account page. To edit, simply click the 'edit' button, change the information and click 'save'.

Make sure you are 'visible'

If your profile is 'invisible,' it means that your profile will not show up when parents search or when you are sending emails and job applications to parents (you may like to choose 'hide from searches' when you are on holidays though).

To check whether your profile is active, login to your account page. If you see a preview of your profile at the top of the page, then it is already 'visible'. However, if you see a notice at the top of the page that says "Your profile is currently hidden", then you will need to click the link "Show My Listing" to re-activate your profile.

*Please don't write your surname, email or phone number into your 'Profile Description' for security reasons. It is important to enter this information in your registration.