Parents that work full time and have school aged children need extra help and care for their children before school  so they can leave for work earlier  than school start time (usually 9 am) and after school ( 3pm) until they return home. These hours are generally between 7am to 9am  each school day morning and 3pm -6pm  in the afternoon but can vary depending on the needs of the family.

In many cases, before school carers will be required to make the children breakfast, pack their school lunch and get the school in their school uniform and either drive them, walk them or drop them to the school bus.

During the afternoon, after school carers would usually pick the child up from school or the bus stop, provide the children afternoon tea, take the children to any after school activities or sports and assist them  with any homework and join in on a range of age appropriate activities until parents return home from work. In some cases, the after school carers will prepare dinner for the children or the family.  

It is often a requirement for families that before and after school carers have a drivers license and car so they are able to transport the children