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Information About Nanny Employment

Nannies, babysitters and parents may find the following information useful to assist with employment arrangements.

Find A Babysitter is simply an 'introduction site', posting nanny jobs and introducing parents to carers. We are not involved in any employment arrangements and do not make any recommendations. It is the responsibility of the parent and nanny or babysitter to follow through with the details. However, we are able to provide some points to consider.

The information provided below is up-to-date as at 31 January 2013. However, it is provided as general information only. You need to consider your own circumstances and make your own enquiries.

EMPLOYMENT AGREEMENT: To formalise these points, you may consider writing an agreement or contract. There are basic ‘employment agreement’ samples available from most industrial relations bodies. If you would like professional assistance with an employment agreement you should seek advice from an HR professional or employment lawyer.

PAYROLL PROVIDER: If you'd like assistance with your payroll duties (calculating super and tax liabilities etc), you could consider using a payroll provider. We can recommend, an online payroll service. Parents will need to obtain a 'Withholding Payer Number' in order to employ a nanny (not a company ABN), then ePayroll can assist with running the payroll. For queries contact:

View our "Daily Childcare Routine and Guidelines" and "Emergency Information Checklist" which cover a range of important information to address when starting with a new nanny.

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