Fun activities for children

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Activities for children can help parents, nannies, babysitters and kids enjoy their time together. Below is a list of children's craft activities and songs. There are literally hundreds of ideas to entertain children. Here are just a few to get you started.

Craft ideas

  • Seaside Scene - paint, shells, sand and glue
  • Animal costumes cut-out ears and tails for any array of animals and stick on with hairclips and tape!
  • Animal masks - cardboard, crayons, glitter, feathers, fine elastic
  • Funny faces - paper plates, paint, glitter
  • Easter bunny ears - headband with long pink and white ears!
  • Crocodiles - egg cartons and lots of green paint
  • Bracelets - fruit loops threaded on fine elastic
  • Collage -  glue, paper, objects
  • Painting with rollers, stencils, brushes, stamps, sponges
  • Sticker pictures stickers (eg frogs, butterflies) on coloured paper
  • Stencils stencils, paper, paint and rollers
  • Self-portrait drawing of self-portrait OR trace around entire body lying on butchers paper
  • Playdough - Make playdough from scratch together!
  • Under the Sea -  green paper background & shapes stuck on
  • Puppets - upturned juice boxes, icy-pole sticks, decorations
  • Aeroplanes - paper and markers
  • Necklaces - pasta, paint, glitter, elastic
  • Pet rocks - rocks, markers, stick on eyes
  • Treasure Hunt - treasures (toy jewellery) & hiding spots!
  • Card-making - paper, paint, photos
  • Shakers - little plastic juice bottle, filled with rice

Indoor activities for children

  • Reading to each other, telling stories.
  • Singing along and changing lyrics
  • Dancing to different music, your choice, their choice!
  • Music with kitchen implements!
  • Board & card games
  • Dress ups
  • Hide and seek
  • Indoor cubby house 
  • Play dough making
  • Bubble blowing
  • Teddy Bear Picnic
  • Bus rides inside big boxes
  • Pretend camping with indoor tent
  • Indoor sports in the hallway (ten pin bowling with plastic cups)
  • Pretend school with rows of toy students

Outdoor Activities for Children

  • Sand and water play
  • Treasure hunt
  • Getting muddy in the backyard!
  • Painting outdoors, roller with water on the fence
  • Gardening with herbs, watering together
  • Visit parks, go for a stroll
  • Bike rides, scooter rides
  • Ball games 
  • Teddybears picnic at the park