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About Me

Updated 18 Oct 2017

Looking for: Full-time, Part-time, Casual Babysitting

[In the process of getting my WWCC. Rates are negotiable depending on number of children, ages, job requirements etc.]

I’m a creative & organised person with years of babysitting experience [days & evenings] of up to three children ranging from newborn - 16 years. I have also spent months volunteering at a special education school in New Delhi, India and a school/orphanage where I lived on site in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Passionate about travel and working with local communities to educate others on important issues & a naturally bubbly & friendly person.


I've been babysitting for 4+ years for children of all ages, up to 3 at a time, during the day & overnight. I’ve worked alongside parents & alone when caring for the children so I am confident as both a Mother’s Help & a Nanny. Throughout the years, my childcare duties have typically included:

⚬ Keeping the children happy & entertained through all kinds of games, outdoor activities etc.
⚬ Bathing the children & reading to them, putting them to bed/settling for sleep.
⚬ Transporting to/from various activities.
⚬ Taking the children out to parks, the beach etc.
⚬ Creating fun & exciting activities [from arts & crafts to slip & slides!].
⚬ Changing nappies, feedings etc.
⚬ Picking up/dropping to school.
⚬ Homework supervision/assistance.
⚬ Organising activities & meeting with friends.

Previous roles also included helping out around the house with duties including:

⚬ Meal prep and/or cooking full meals.
⚬ General housekeeping & tidying.
⚬ Grocery shopping.
⚬ Laundry: washing, folding, ironing.
⚬ Anything else you might need!

Since the start of 2017, I have done one off babysitting jobs & longer term work for children aged:

⚬ 8 months. [Evening].
⚬ 11 months & 27 months. [Daytime].
⚬ 13 years. [Daytime].
⚬ 2 years & 4 years. [Daytime & evening/overnight].
⚬ 15 months. [Daytime].
⚬ 7 months. [Daytime].
⚬ 8 years & 11 years. [Daytime & Evening].
⚬ 11 years & 13 years. [Daytime].
⚬ 7 years, 9 years & 11 years. [Daytime & Evening].
⚬ 3 months & 2.5 years. [Daytime & Evening].
⚬ 1 year & 2.5 years. [Daytime & Evening].
⚬ 8 years & 10 years. [Daytime].
⚬ 13 months. [Daytime & Evening].
⚬ 4 years, 6 years & 8 years. [Daytime & Evening].
⚬ 17 months. [Daytime & Evening].
⚬ 11 & 7 years. [Daytime & Evening].
⚬ 8 months & 3 years. [Daytime & Evening].

Other Qualifications:

⚬ Food Safety & Food Hygiene Training.
⚬ First Aid.
⚬ Full Driver’s License for 2.5+ years.
⚬ Prepped & made full lunches/dinner in a restaurant job.


EVAD is a not for profit school for disabled children and adults, located just out side of New Delhi. India has a large stigma against those less abled and our class held 18 children aged 3-12, all with different disabilities. With no teaching syllabus, we had to formulate all lesson plans catering to those well advanced at Maths in the same classroom as those unable to write the numbers without tracing them. A challenging environment, especially as many had ADHD, epilepsy and more, but through working as a team to help level out abilities and dedication to helping these children learn it was incredibly rewarding and successful. [October - December 2015]

In Cambodia, I taught two classes a day, 2 hours long, each to around 25 students. Involved basic Maths & English work to classrooms of variously abled children. We also stayed on site and helped with after school care of children such as helping out during meals, getting everyone ready for bed and supervising the children throughout the day. Other jobs included animal care, building work and fundraising for more supplies for the orphanage. [February - March 2016].

Volunteering at these schools is, by far, the most rewarding, challenging & incredible thing I have ever done. Working with the children, getting to know & understand them, helping them & caring for them has been an experience like no other & I can only hope I have the opportunity to go back in the future for a longer duration.


I'm a friendly & bubbly person with a passion for travel, writing, music & all things political and progressive. I've spent the last few years traveling across the world and have now settled in Australia for the year before heading off to travel some more. I have a background in Art & Design, originally planning to study Graphic Design and have worked styling photo shoots in the past year, so crafty activities are totally my thing, and I love coming up with interesting ways of making them educational too. I'm a dedicated worker and willing to do whatever else you need, whether it be washing floors or grocery shopping, I'm happy to do it!

If there's anything else you'd like to know, please drop me a message! Good luck in your search!

20 year old female carer

Course Complete

Other Skills
Arts & Crafts, Cooking & Baking, & more!

Residency status
Temporary until January 2018

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Available on request

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