Parents, how can we help you?

With thousands of nannies and babysitters nationwide, Find A Babysitter is here to help! For your convenience, we have listed some of the more frequently asked questions to help you get instant answers. If you still have questions, our Customer Service team is always ready to help and can be reached at any time - contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions for parents seeking child care

What is Find A Babysitter?

Find A Babysitter is an affordable, efficient online child care job site, helping you locate nannies, after-school carers and babysitters. We are not a nanny or babysitting agency - we have not done the interviewing and selecting of the carers registered with us. We simply put you in touch and the rest is up to you.

You get three easy ways to find great carers at Find A Babysitter.

  1. You can send emails or SMS messages out to carers of your choice from our extensive database online.
  2. You can use our Job Postings to attract ideal applicants to you (comes with the "Premium" membership).
  3. You can get email notifications from us every time a carer joins in your area, meeting your criteria!

It is a simple, thorough and cost-effective way for you to find the perfect babysitter or nanny for your needs!

You get a range of additional features as part of your membership, making Find A great value for money. These extra features include:

How does it work?

There are 5 simple steps:

  1. Join: Join online for immediate access to thousands of carers! You have a choice of the "Basic" (for just evening or weekend babysitters) OR "Premium" with a Job Posting (for daytime, after-school care and evening carers) memberships. You also have the option of choosing SMSs as an 'add on'.
  2. Search & send emails: Enter your postcode and the search page will show the profiles of every carer in your area. You can narrow down the list by ticking 'advanced search' boxes based on your specific criteria. Then send emails or SMS messages to arrange an interview. We suggest that you send out 6-8 messages if you just need a babysitter or 10-20 messages for a nanny or afterschool carer. Expect at least 50% replies and allow a 7 day turnaround, although it is likely you will gain a good number of replies within days.
  3. Post a job: If you are looking for a day-time or after-school carer we suggest using our effective Job Posting (part of the "Premium" membership) which gets promoted via the Find A Babysitter site, sent out via job alerts to registered carers and on Adzuna.
  4. Get notified: Click on "My Notifications" to set up an email alert every time a carer joins in your area, meeting your criteria.
  5. Select: Conduct phone screenings, interview and reference check to select the right carer for your family. After the initial introduction through Find A Babysitter, the babysitter or nanny is yours! No 'middle-man' and no ongoing agency overheads.

You can conduct a free search here to see profiles of babysitters and nannies available in your area.

What will the babysitters' profiles show me?

You'll see the babysitters' qualifications, age, experience, skills, hourly rates, drivers' licenses, first aid qualifications, police checks and references available. You will probably know more about your babysitter on Find A Babysitter than you know about babysitters you've used before, giving you peace of mind.

How many babysitters or nannies are available?

As of 2015 we have over 227,000 babysitters and nannies registered at Find A Babysitter. And the list grows daily. So no matter where you live or what you need - we hope to have a match for you and your family.

Can I find nannies or after-school carers?

Yes! There are a wide range of carers including nannies and babysitters listed on the site. A nanny is generally an experienced person who provides childcare for a living and may have some professional qualification and training. A babysitter generally provides occasional evening or weekend care, and may also study or work in another profession. If you just need evening babysitters choose the "Basic" membership. If you need a nanny or after-school carer you should choose "Premium" so you can make the most of our powerful Job Posting feature.

Can I find a "House Keeper" at Find A Babysitter?

We have surveyed our Find A Babysitter carers and found that the majority (75%) are willing to do some house-keeping as part of their job. We suggest that you state this requirement in your Job Posting and emails to carers, to ensure you find the right match. House-keeping usually covers a range of duties for running a household including light cleaning, washing, ironing and running errands. We also have an icon (a broom) on every carer profile showing whether they are willing to undertake housekeeping. You can used our 'advanced search' boxes to identify these carers easily.

How many emails should I send & how long will it take?

It depends on your specific need - some carers are easier to find than others. So to make the most of the site we recommend that you send 6-8 messages if you just need a babysitter or 10-20 messages for a nanny or afterschool carer (** also remember to use your Job Posting!).

Expect at least 50% replies and allow a 7 day turnaround, although it is likely you will gain a good number of replies within days. If your first round of emails and interviews don't introduce you to the right person, simply send out a second round the following week - there will be more people to choose from and you are likely to succeed within that week. For very unique requests (e.g., unusual hours), you may need to allow an extra week or two. You may also need to consider varying your expectations (perhaps using 2 carers for split shifts before and afterschool). Make the site work for you!

How does the "Job Posting" feature work? Is it important to use?

Yes! We highly recommend using your Job Posting at Find A Babysitter to find day-time or after-school carers. This feature is only available with the 'Premium' membership. The Job Posting is very quick and simple to fill out. Once online it is seen by a wide range of carers who looking for work on and will apply to you via the secure Find A Babysitter email system. Your Job Posting can be kept online at Find A Babysitter for the duration of your membership or until you fill the position. Applicants must be registered carers at Find A Babysitter, so this will make sure that the carers applying have come through our site. This also ensures that your personal contact details are kept confidential.

Why choose the SMS feature?

If you choose the SMS feature you will be able to type your message on the computer and send it immediately to carers' mobile phones. Babysitters and nannies will get the message instantly. We recommend using the SMS as a quick 'reminder' for interviews or scheduled dates. You can also use the SMS to notify sitters that you've sent them a detailed email with your childcare request. To send your SMS you simply go to the carer's profile, click 'SMS carer', type your request, click 'send' and your message is sent to the carer's mobile phone on-the-spot. It is simple, quick and immediate!

Are your carers "Registered" with The Department of Human Services (formerly the Family Assistance Office), so I can claim the Child Care Benefit?

A small percentage of the carers on Find A Babysitter are registered and they are identified with a purple 'R' icon on their profiles. You can also use our "advanced search" to find these carers. The carers themselves must register with the The Department of Human Services. For further information about registered care and eligibility for the Child Care Benefit please contact The Department of Human Services Child Care Benefit Website

Can I find someone who lives nearby?

The list of carers are sorted geographically - so the first group of carers shown on the list are all in your suburb, then the next group is in the next suburb and so on. The carers have all chosen how far they are willing to travel from home. Carers will only show up in your search if they have chosen to work in your area.

How do I identify the most updated profiles? (ie the most available)

Every carer profile has a line stating "last updated x weeks ago" so you can choose to contact the most up-to-date carers. Your search is also sorted according to the most recently updated. So the first carers on the list are the most up-to-date and available within your suburb. It is also advisable to use the search boxes to identify carers who have updated profiles recently or joined in the last 1-2 weeks.

How is this site different to an agency?

Find a Babysitter is a child care job site - an easy way for you to (we hope) find your very own babysitter or nanny. One membership allows you to contact all the sitters in your area directly. You get to select from a range of carers and find the perfect person for your needs. Because we are not an agency, we do not screen carers, recommend carers or make bookings. Nor do we charge you any overheads, commissions, cancellations or other agency fees. Please read our Terms of Use for more information. We have a much larger database than most nanny and babysitting agencies.

Does Find A Babysitter screen the carers?

We are an introduction service only, so we do not do screenings. Parents should conduct thorough phone screenings, interviews and reference checking before scheduling a date. Find A Babysitter provides you with lots of resources to assist you to make the right choice. Online profiles show which carers have police checks and references available. The carer brings these documents to your interview to show you first-hand, so you can be certain that the checking is complete. We also provide you with an Interview Guide and Screening Tips to assist with your selection. If you would like a specialist organisation to conduct a background check, we suggest First Advantage (the largest provider of background screening services in Australasia) at

Can I get references and recommendations?

Babysitters are asked to supply references or referees phone numbers to you directly. We recommend that you call 2 or 3 current or past employers to ask questions to confirm your choice. The site also has Ratings (online feedback, similar to eBay). These ratings are posted by other parents in the Find A Babysitter community, so you can gain input from other parents via our site.

Who are the babysitters and nannies?

Some are students of professional nanny courses, early childhood education, teaching, nursing, midwifery and allied health. Experienced babysitters, nannies and childcare workers have also registered with us through classified print and online advertisements. Job seekers may find the job listed on and apply by joining Find a Babysitter.

Can I find someone with lots of experience?

Find A Babysitter has a broad range of babysitters and nannies available. From experienced nannies who have worked for other families, carers who have worked in childcare centres, to the 'girl-next-door' who has babysat for years. So, no matter what level of skill and experience you need, Find A Babysitter has it!

What are the hourly rates? How much should I pay?

You are free to negotiate your own rate with your nanny or babysitter, keeping the market-demand and industry rates in mind. However, remember that, as an employer, you need to pay your nanny or babysitter in accordance with all employment-related laws. In particular, you cannot pay your nanny or babysitter at a rate that is below the national minimum wage. The prescribed rates will be slightly lower for employees aged 20 and under. For more information, see Fair Work Australia’s Factsheet. Note that your obligation to pay the minimum wage applies despite any non cash benefits that you might also be providing (eg. food, accommodation, internet access, etc).

You will generally be required to withhold amounts from payments you make to your employee under the PAYG income tax system. You will generally also be required pay a percentage of superannuation to your employee’s nominated superannuation fund.
For more information see our Information About Nanny Employment fact sheet.

Do your babysitters or nannies have other educational or cultural skills?

Our babysitters and nannies have listed a range of wonderful skills and talents on their profiles. Many speak languages (French, Spanish, Portuguese), play music (guitar, piano), do sport, dance or create art. So you can choose a carer to bring specific skills to your children and family!

Will I get value for money?

You will have access to Australia's #1 Babysitter Directory 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for three or twelve months. Just one membership payment will allow you to access the directory as many times as you like and post-a-job online (with the "Premium" membership).

What are the membership options?

There are 3 membership options ... you have the flexibility of choosing the membership that is right for you:

1 month for $39.95
3 months for $60.45
12 months for $120.95
  • Allows you to email the babysitters via the site. You will have every opportunity to find the perfect babysitter for the duration of your membership!
  • Sitter profiles only show evening and weekend availability.
3 months for $93.45
12 months for $192.45
  • Allows you to email ALL of the carers including nannies, after-school carers & babysitters via the site.
  • PLUS you will be able to place a Job Posting on Find A Babysitter (and to advertise your position, as a supplement to your email or SMS.
  • Includes "My Shortlist" and "My Comments" features, allowing you to identify your favourites.
7 days
  • Allows you to post a job for 7 days.
  • Access to refine your searches.
  • When you are ready to start making contact, depending on your job listing & carer requirements, upgrade to a Basic or Premium membership.
30 SMS credits for $21.95
  • (Optional extra) No matter which membership you choose you can add the SMS feature to your account. This will allow you to send out SMS messages via the site directly to carers' mobile phones.
  • A great way to contact nannies and sitters quickly.

All prices are in Australian dollars and includes GST. A 1.5% fee will be added to payments made by Visa and MasterCard.
* The basic membership is only available to parents seeking evening and weekend babysitting only. A premium membership is required for daytime and after-school care.

How do I pay?

You can choose to pay via credit card or via PayPal.

Find A Babysitter accepts Visa and MasterCard credit cards only. We use military strength encryption to keep your credit card details safe. Your credit card details are never stored by Find A Babysitter. Please note, that there is a 1.5% surcharge on all credit card purchases to cover the cost of processing and administration fees associated with the payment that are charged to Fairfax Media.

We also accept PayPal and there are no additional charges for using this payment service. To process your payment, you will be redirected to the PayPal website. Log in to PayPal and follow the instructions to complete your purchase. If you don't have a PayPal login, you will need to create a PayPal account. Click here for more information about PayPal.

What quality control is conducted by your site?

Any discrepancies or concerns regarding carer profiles are followed up by Find A Babysitter staff. Any negative parent feedback is checked and acted upon IMMEDIATELY. Feedback is sought from a random sample of site members regularly, to ensure that quality standards are maintained. Babysitters who are inactive for a number of weeks are removed from the site, so we ensure the list of babysitters is as current and accurate as possible. We also ask for parents' help in monitoring quality by using our ratings system to provide feedback.

How does the babysitter ratings system work? How do I leave feedback about sitters?

We have designed a ratings system to allow the Find A Babysitter community to share feedback with each other. Parents can post a rating (out of 4 stars) and write a specific comment about sitters they have used. To leave a rating, simply log on to the site by using your email and password. This will open your account page with a list of sitters you have sent messages to. Click on the sitter's name and this will open her profile. At the bottom of the profile is a "Rate Carer" link. Simply click this link and leave your feedback. We welcome your feedback because this helps us and other parents to assess the carers at FAB. Sitters are able to read and reply to ratings. Parents are also able to remove a rating, by clicking on the red X icon next to the rating on the parent's Find A Babysitter account page.

Please be mindful that defamatory, offensive and inappropriate comments are not permitted. For further information, please read our Ratings System Information for Parents.

What can I do if a carer doesn't respond to my email or fails to turn up to an interview?

In an ideal world we would love every carer to reply to all their emails and attend every interview scheduled. We do our very best to set this expectation and prompt them. Many carers do follow through appropriately. Unfortunately, however, there are a small percentage of carers who do not. The best feedback is to post a Rating online to give them direct feedback and to share this information with the Find A Babysitter community.

Are my personal details kept confidential?

Yes. Your initial request goes out via the Find A Babysitter site, so your personal details are not shown. Once you make contact with the babysitters or nannies, you may choose to give your details. Until then, all communication goes through the Find A Babysitter site. Please read our privacy policy for more details. When you use the job posting feature, your job is listed with your first name and suburb along with your job listing on the site, in notification alerts to registered carers, and on

When carers reply to me, where are the emails sent? Do I need to check my Find A Babysitter account or not?

Emails will always be sent to your personal inbox for your convenience. So you only need to check your personal email account. If the message has been routed via Find A Babysitter we will put copies of your 'received' emails on your Find A Babysitter account page (if the sitter has ticked the 'anonymous' box).

If I am having trouble logging in, what do I do?

After we process your payment, it can several minutes for your account to become active. Find A Babysitter will send an email to your inbox as soon as your account is ready. You should be able to log in then! If you have forgotten your password, just click the "forgot your password" link located under the log in box or contact us. Find A Babysitter will then send you an email reminding you of your saved password.

Can I add the SMS option later if I change my mind?

Yes! Just log in to your existing account, click 'Add SMS' and follow the prompts to purchase the "SMS credits". This will activate the SMS feature and you can send SMSs immediately.

What happens if I run out of SMS messages during my membership?

You can purchase more SMSs online by logging in to your account, selecting 'SMS credits' in the navigation under "My Account" and follow the prompts to purchase. This will allow you to buy 30 more messages for $21.95.

Am I guaranteed to find a babysitter or nanny?

No, but we believe there is a very good chance you will! Find A Babysitter has a very large database of carers available. As of 2015 Find A Babysitter has over 227,000 babysitters and nannies across Australia, and the list grows daily! We cannot guarantee that there will be one person to meet your exact needs (particularly for very unusual hours or short notice) within one week - but we expect that you'll find the right person within 2-3 weeks. So we ask that you log in regularly, use the Job Posting and send a good range of emails to make the site work for you. If you are having trouble finding a carer please contact us asap and we'll help.

Why is Tasmania unable to use Find A Babysitter?

In Tasmania, the "Children's Services Act" of 1985 defines our service as a 'babysitting agency'. This requires us to interview every candidate, check paperwork and record every babysitting appointment. If we did this we wouldn't be an affordable internet-based introduction site!

So, unfortunately, until this out-dated legislation is reviewed, Find A Babysitter cannot operate in Tasmania.

How soon can I get started?

You can log on right away and search immediately. By using our emails and Job Postings you should have a selection of Find A Babysitter carers to help you within weeks! You don't have to wait for an advertisement to be placed in print and hope the right person reads it. You don't have to wait for an agency to find someone and call you back. You can simply find your babysitter or nanny online right now!

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Online safety: What to do if you think a sitter profile might be suspicious

If you've spotted a suspicious profile that perhaps contains inappropriate content or something else that doesn't seem quite right, we encourage you to let us know.

Please contact us with the details of the member profile and we will investigate accordingly.

At Find A Babysitter we are committed to providing a secure environment for parents to meet nannies and babysitters.

We’ve put together some helpful online safety tips for you to keep in mind when contacting sitters.

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I am a full time working mum and have never found looking for a carer for my children easier than your website. Thank you. It is wonderfully professional in its presentation and ease of use.

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