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Fun crafts, songs, and activities

Activities for children can help nannies, babysitters and kids enjoy their time together! Below is a list of children's craft activities and songs. There are literally hundreds of ideas to entertain children! Here are just a few to get you started.


ActivityItems needed
Hats newspaper and crayons
Balloon animals / people balloons, markers, curling ribbon for hair
Paper plate masks crayons, glitter, feathers, fine elastic
Clocks paper plates, pipe cleaners
Bunny rabbit picture paper, crayon, cotton wool balls for tails
Caterpillars egg cartons, pipe cleaners, green markers or paint
Bracelets froot loops threaded on fine elastic
Collage glue, paper, objects
Painting with rollers, stencils, brushes, stamps, sponges
Ink pictures with pad & stamps
Foot & Hand Prints paint and paper
Sticker pictures stickers of all shapes and sizes!
Rainbows coloured paper or crayons drawn in arches
Under the Sea green paper background & shapes stuck on
Card-making paper, paint, photos
Aeroplanespaper and markers
Animal earspaper to make headband, ears cut out of fabric or paper
Necklacespasta, elastic, paints, glitter
Pet rocksRocks, markers, stick on eyes
Puppetsupturned juice boxes & icy-pole sticks, wool for hair, markers to decorate
Scarecrowpaper bag stuffed with paper or cotton wool, decorated and placed on ice-cream stick
Butterfly mobilecoat hanger, string, butterflies, markers, glitter
Treasure hunttreasures (toy jewellery) & hiding spots!
Shakers little plastic juice bottle, filled with rice






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