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With thousands of nannies and babysitters nationwide, Find A Babysitter is here to help! For your convenience, we have listed some of the more frequently asked questions to help you get instant answers. If you still have questions, our Customer Service team is always ready to help and can be reached at any time - contact us.

FAQ's for nannies and babysitters seeking child care jobs

What is Find A Babysitter about?

It is an online introduction site for babysitters, nannies and parents. An easy way for you to meet parents and find work! It offers a detailed directory of the babysitters and nannies in different suburbs. Parents can send email or SMS requests out to selected carers on the site, then interview and select them. There are also job-postings online at Find A Babysitter, so you can choose your own job too!

Is it free to register?

Yes! It is free for babysitters and nannies to register.

Once I have registered, how do I get work?

There are two ways to get work. Firstly, parent members will send emails or SMS messages directly to you offering work. You simply check your email and mobile phone regularly for messages from Find A Babysitter parents. Then you reply directly to the parents and set up a time to interview each other over the phone or in person. Secondly you can apply for any of the jobs posted online at Find A Babysitter. So you have two ways of gaining work!

What requirements are there for this type of work?

Most parents are looking for sitters who possess experience, are trustworthy, loving, caring and responsible. We strongly recommend that you get a police check and make references and documentation available for the parents. Here are some interview guidelines to help you prepare! We also ask that you check your email and mobile phone regularly and update your profile to ensure you get the right requests for your needs! We ask that you reply to every email or SMS request, whether it is a yes or no.

How often should I log in to the site?

The more often you log in the more likely you are to get work! The people who have logged in most recently are listed first in their suburb. We recommend that you visit your profile and update it on a weekly basis. Every profile as a line showing when it was last updated - so parents are more likely to contact sitters who have updated their profiles within the last week.

How do I set my hourly rate?

You set your own rates on your profile, based on your qualifications, skills and experience. Rates may also vary according to the duties required and the location of the job. During the day expect to earn between $18/hr (few responsibilities) to over $25/hr (or more for experienced nannies). Conduct a trial search of carers on the site to see a range of the 'going rates' in your suburb. Your hourly rate quoted online should be 'gross' - it should include your tax.

What sort of work is available?

We have new parents joining every day with different needs. There is a very high demand for part-time nannies and afterschool carers, so please consider this! You will be popular if you can do this! There is steady demand for casual sitters and occasional care. We also have some parents looking for full-time nannies.

I am only free certain days or nights. How do I organise these hours?

It is easy. Just set your profile to show the days or hours you are available to work. When your days or times change, just log in and change your availability. Simple as that!

How can I change the details on my profile (ie if I want to change my availability)?

Just log onto the site using your email and password. This will open your account page. Then click 'edit', alter the relevant fields, then click 'save'.

My profile is 'invisible' - what does this mean?

If your status is'invisible' it means that your profile will not be seen by parents on the site, even though you are a member of Find A Babysitter. You may like to be 'invisible' when you are on holidays or if you don't want any more work. Simply click on the "hide from searches" link on your Account page. Then when you are ready to find work again, you simply re-set your profile to make yourself 'visible' again!

What is a "Registered Carer"?

This is when you are "registered" with the Family Assistance Office. Some families may be able to claim a benefit if they use 'registered care'. You register through the Family Assistance Office and must meet certain requirements (be 18+, have a Tax File Number, meet any licensing requirements in your state). For more information call the Family Assistance Office on 13 61 50.

Are my personal details kept confidential?

Your personal details (surname, address, phone, email) are never shown on the site. All emails and SMS messages are routed via the Find A Babysitter site so your personal email address and mobile number is not given out. Once you reply to the parents, you may choose to give your details. Until then, all communication goes through the Find A Babysitter site.

Can I choose to work with specific age groups?

Yes. When registering you can select the age groups you prefer to work with.

How do I get a police check?

Each state has it's own legislation and method for obtaining a police check. See our police check page for more information.

Is this site for babysitters or nannies?

Both. Babysitters can set their profiles to request work in the evenings or weekends. Nannies can set their profiles to request work for days and nights - whenever they are available to work.

What is the difference between a babysitter and a nanny?

A nanny is an experienced person who provides childcare for a living, day and night. A nanny often has some professional qualification and training. A babysitter mostly does evening or weekend work and may study or work in another profession.

What is house-keeping?

Housekeeping covers a range of duties for running a household. This may include light cleaning, washing, ironing and running errands. Some parents ask for carers who are willing and able to do housekeeping - so we've added this as an option to your profile. You can say 'yes' or 'no' to this question. It is completely up to you - we don't set any rules, we allow you to decide what works best.

Is this site an agency?

No. We do not set any rules about your hours or expect you to pay us booking fees. We are just an introduction site - an easy way for you to meet families and find work. Please read our terms and conditions for more information.

How do the 'parent ratings' work? How can I get positive ratings?

Parents may write a brief comment about your work and give you a rating. Ratings often influence whether parents contact you or not - so it is helpful to get lots of positive ratings! Good ratings are achieved by carers who 1)reply to requests in a timely manner, 2)keep profiles up-to-date 3)are great sitters or nannies and 4)attend interviews. Negative ratings are often posted by parents disappointed that carers' profiles are inaccurate or when carers don't reply to requests. You will be notified if you receive a rating by a parent. You can reply to the rating by logging onto your profile, going to the "My Ratings" section and clicking 'reply'. Read our Ratings System Information for more details. Ask Find A Babysitter parents for a rating now if you haven't got one yet!

Can I meet the family first?

Yes - in fact we recommend that babysitters and parents interview each other over the phone and in person before they make a date. That way you can ask questions to ensure that the job and family is right for you!

Does it matter if I don't have a mobile phone?

No. It just means that parents will only be able to contact you via email and you will need to log into your emails regularly!

I prefer to get requests via SMS. How do I make sure parents send an SMS to my phone?

Just make sure you fill in your mobile phone number when you register with Find A Babysitter. You may also like to write a comment in your personal statement telling parents that you'd like SMS requests instead of email.

Do I still need to check my email even if I am using my mobile phone for Find A Babysitter requests?

Yes it is important that you log in regularly to update your profile and check your email. Find A Babysitter removes sitters from the site if they do not update their profiles or reply to emails. So by logging into the site and checking your emails you will be sure to remain an active Find A Babysitter carer!

When I reply to the SMS request how do I get the parents' number?

The parents' phone number is written in their text message! Once you press 'reply' you will need to type in the phone number that was written in the SMS. You should also write your name on your SMS reply so parents know it was from you!

Do I need to have a car?

Not necessarily. The beauty of babysitting is that you can select work in your local community - you decide how far you are willing and able to travel for work.

How many families can I work for?

As many as you like! Often babysitters or nannies have 3 or 4 families on their list. We don't set any rules - it is up to you to choose the families you wish to work for!

Online safety: What to do if you think a job listing might be suspicious

If you've spotted a suspicious job that perhaps contains inappropriate content or something else that doesn't seem quite right, we encourage you to let us know.

Please contact us with the details of the member and we’ll investigate accordingly.

At Find A Babysitter we are committed to providing a secure environment for nannies and babysitters to find employment.

We’ve put together some helpful online safety tips for you to keep in mind when applying for jobs.

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