Safety tips for babysitters

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Remember the recruitment process is not just about meeting the parents' expectations. It is also about making sure the selection is right for you.

You can choose to keep your personal email private by responding anonymously to a parent's initial babysitting enquiry.

Conduct a phone call with the parent before meeting in person. Use this as an indication of whether you are the right match for this family.

Arrange a daytime meeting with the parent and child before setting a babysitting date.

Prepare a list of relevant questions to ask during the interview.

See our Find A Babysitter tips on interview questions in the Tips and Tools section.

If you want to get-to-know the family better before going to their home, meet them in a local pare or cafe where you have an opportunity to interact easily on 'neutral ground'. This way you can see the children in a more natural and fun environment too.

Before your first babysitting shift with a new family, ask for a tour of the home and gather relevant safety information (eg. location of the phone, spare torch, keys and the fire alarm).

Print off the "Emergency Information Checklist" (in the parent tips and tools section) and complete it with the parent.

Don't rush the process of getting to know the right family. It may take days or weeks to complete the recruitment and orientation process. This will ensure you make the right selection.