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I am really impressed with FAB, having had a fair amount of experience with other agencies both online and off. FAB has been excellent for a lot of reasons, cost, ease of use, large number of users (compared to others) and most impressed with your very quick response to my question!

Ailene (Mt Claremont, WA) Read More

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We can not recommend Lynette highly enough as she has become a part of our family. We had 3 children under 17 months (twins included), which Lynette handled with ease. She is honest, hard working, easy to have around, flexible, motivated but most importantly she built a beautiful relationship with our children who loved and trusted her implicitly. Lynette was with us for 7 months and would still be with us now if we hadn't moved over 3 hours away. I cannot speak highly enough of Lynette, but if anyone wishes to contact me for further information i would be most obliged.  

Georgia (Edi, VIC) Read More

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