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About Me

Dear Parents,

My name is Leire, I'm 29 years old and I have long experience taking care children. The main reason why I like to work with kids is cause I love it.
I can be always inspired by them, Is really exciting to see how they grow up.
I love to help them to understand (in all aspect that I can) like life is. Sometimes a little bit complicated,isn't?...

I started when I was 15 taking care all my cousins. Later on, when I was studying at Uni I share studies and work like baby-sitter in two families.
During summer time I used to work like a camp instructor in scouts group.

Before finish my bachelor I spend my holidays doing a live in nanny in Ireland.

In Australia, I have been babysitting in more than six families with kids ranging from 6 months to 10 years.

Currently my availability is pretty broad.
I would be very pleased to introduce myself in person and to have the opportunity to know each other.

thanks for advance


Provides care for ages




33 year old, female babysitter


Course Complete - Master of Digital Media at COFA UNSW

Other Skills

About my other passions I love all kind of arts and sports. I love drawing and for this reason I took drawing lessons during three years. Also I love animation and cinema. I have assisted acting lessons and I participated in several amateurs theater groups and in short films as well. I used to play in a soccer team. Currently I love run, swim and surfing.


I'm from Barcelona (Spain) for that reason I speak Spanish and Catalan as well. Also I know a little bit of Portuguese.

Residency status

Temporary until January 2014