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About Me

Dear Parent/Guardian,

for as long as I can remember I have always loved children’s company and thoroughly enjoyed working with them especially as it allows me into their world and provides me with a better understanding of why they do the things they do.

I have been a nanny/babysitter since I was 16 years old over the past 11 years, and continued my studies full time whilst I worked part time. I have completed a Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in Fine Arts and Drama. I sang in a choir as a soprano singer for quite some time. However, I wanted to further my studies in Psychology, therefore continued working with children and found it a great way to research and understand about developmental psychology. Thus, I saw myself metaphorically as the child’s ‘second mother’ whilst they were in my care. My work ethics were not based on merely taking care of the child’s basic needs, but also taking care of the child’s personality development – because I knew that I might have been partially responsible for the child’s cognitive development in the time they were under my care.

I have worked with children from all ages including newborns, toddlers, primary school-aged children and teenagers.

Ideally I am looking for 1 full time work or several permanent part-time positions. I am flexible with rates, hours, days. I look forward to hearing from you!

Have a nice day :)

Provides care for ages




33 year old, female babysitter and nanny


Course Complete - Psychology at PostGrad

Other Skills

Dance, Art and Craft, Theatre, Singing, Drive a manual car, Swimming and Cooking.


Turkish, and currently learning French

Residency status