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Updated 27 Jul 2017

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I’m a fun, creative, mindful, and caring 20 year old who is in Australia on a working holiday visa. I do not currently have a WWCC due to a technical error, because I still have an American number, but I am in the process of sorting that all out. However, I do have a police check and references. I have a very calm and respectful approach when working with little ones. I am a firm believer in helping kids talk through their emotions to help them better learn how to process strong and confusing emotions. I love to get outside and get active, especially to parks, and maybe some dancing inside or games if it's too gloomy out. This is my next travel adventure after spending the last year traveling and volunteering all over the place. I had a love of working with and caring for children before I took off on my journey but now it is something I am very passionate about. I have a lot of experience with all ages, groups of all sizes, children of all abilities, and much more. I thought there is no better way to travel Australia than to continue working with kids. Rates are negotiable!

- Ages newborn - 16 years old
- Creating activities both fun and educational for different age groups
- Preparing meals; breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks
- Bottle feeding
- Bedtime routine; dinner, bath, stories, brush teeth, putting to bed, etc.
- Changing nappies
- Caring for/working with multiple children of different ages at the same time.
- Dropping off/picking up from school, daycare, activities, etc.
- Minor teaching of math, English, and geography.
- Working with children with disabilities both physical and mental.
- Lifeguard and first aid training.
- Arts and crafts skills, even with little materials.
- Singing, dancing, and a bit of playing instruments (guitar, piano, and ukulele)

Care Experience
- I was a babysitter/part-time nanny for a family that lived across the street from me. started caring for their oldest son about 8 years ago just as a babysitter. Then as time went on they had two more children and during the summers I became their nanny. Caring for them helped me learn about working with infants one on one as well as with older siblings around. I was with them all day in the summer so I handled breakfast and mornings, lunch, activities, dinner, and bedtime routine. I felt like I became a part of their family and would often go over just to hang out with the kids.

- For the past year, I have been volunteering with kids all over the globe. Through this amazing experience, I got to work with an extremely wide range of kids. I worked at an orphanage for kids with severe mental and physical disabilities, a school for kids with learning disabilities, orphanage/school. In Peru, India, Tanzania, and Cambodia. Throughout the year I learned so much about caring for children and the ups and downs that come with it. One of my favorite things now is communicating with children that do not speak the same language as you because they are so open and willing to hear communication in other ways. I learned a lot about how to handle large groups of usually enthusiastic and energetic kids and just how patient you have to be with them sometimes. Just as much as I have to learn how to work with them they also have to do the same with me, but they seem to handle that a lot better than I ever could. Even if I made mistakes they are always there next time arms open and wide-smiled ready to accept whatever you have to bring that day.

- I was a camp counselor at a sleep away camp for a couple of summers. I was in charge of a group of around 12 kids aged 7-14 depending on the week. I would have different activities I would have to plan throughout the day. I would have to say what I learned most from this was how to deal with kids when they miss their parents and how to come up with the most unique and creative ideas to constantly entertain any aged child.

- I have also babysat for many different families whether it be for date nights, school events, parties, school holidays, or basically anything else. This helps me learn to connect with all different types of children even if I will only be able to care for them for one or two nights.

Thanks for taking the time to look through my profile. If you have any questions please feel free to ask! (:

20 year old female carer

Course Complete - High School Degree at Regina Dominican High School

Other Skills
Making creative activities, music, dancing, reliable, sporty, mindful


Residency status
Temporary until January 2018

Police Check
Available on request

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