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I found your website very user friendly. It was wonderful that all of the postings were current and relevant and the guidleines that you give for finding someone were absolutely correct ( I emailed 10 and had about 50% response).  In the end one of the girls who answered my advert  I hired, and have found her to be fantastic, flexible and accommodating.

Beth (Mont Albert, VIC) Read More

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Kirsten has been my son's nanny for two years (from age one to three). She is an amazing nanny and has all the attributes and experience you could want in a carer for your child. She has childcare and first aid qualifications, experience in childcare centres and as nanny and is a parent and grandparent. She is naturally an extremely kind and caring person and to me that is the essential ingredient in someone to look after my son. She is affectionate and has lots of fun with our son. They play music, dance, paint, do crafts, read books (lots of books!), explore the park and play pretend. Kirsten is gentle but firm about routines and appropriate boundaries. She is energetic and proactive which is something the child might not notice, but the parents really appreciate! 

Kylie (Chatswood, NSW) Read More

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