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About Me

I'm Sophie and am 24 from New Zealand. I have done many roles in childcare since I was 15! More recently I have worked at a daycare centre for over 3 years and am now a private nanny for three young children. I am keen to permanently move to Sydney in the New Year to work. Since I am at present living in New Zealand I would need a period of 3-4 weeks to organise the move to Sydney which includes finsihing my current job & finishing my lease on the apartment I rent. I am also hoping that the family I work for would be keen/willing to accept my fully house trainned gorgeous ragdoll cat, as leaving him would be very difficuit.

Provides care for ages




27 year old, female babysitter and nanny


No Tertiary Qualification

Other Skills

I enjoying being outdoors, playing ball games with children, swimming, also being indoors doing cooking/baking, arts & crafts and making playdough

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