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30 year old Female babysitter and nanny

Hi, my name is Kasia and I'm 30 years old stay at home mam of 1. My son is 13months old.
I have Masters degree in Pedagogy of nursing and preschool education. In Ireland where I used to live they called it Montessori teacher.
Except having my own child I have experience with kids as I had to work with them while study as well as I used to live with a couple that have little girl who is 3 years old now. I'd help a lot with her and mind her for my friends. I used to mind kids for friends while living in Ireland. From June/July 2012 to February 2013 I was part time nanny for 2 girls. Younger one was 9 months when I started and older was 12m ( 2 different families but in one house). I was fully responsible for both of them couple of days a week. My contract was over as one of the families has got live in nanny. I also occasionally mind 3 and a half years old girl and 6 years old boy.
I'm looking for full time nanny job or few days a week. Because I'm stay at home mam it would be care in my own home. I have a lot of space and toys. House is safe and has been baby proofed.
My little man is the happiest and easy going baby ever.
I would always keep parents updated during the day when there is something concerning or just if they want to know what their kids are up to.
I like walking and going outside to play with kids. I'm energetic and positive person who hardly seats still. I understand how important it is for kids to stay active and be able to use up energy they have.
I also volunteered in orphan house when I was teenager.

Looking for: Casual Evening Babysitting, Part-time Afterschool Care, Full-time Afterschool Care, Part-time Daytime Work, Full-time Daytime Work

Education Status: Course Complete - Pedagogy of nursing and preschool education at Opole University, Opole, Poland

Other Skills: I make my own jewellery. Love crafts. Playing with things to create different pieces. I'm also interested in nutrition and love cooking so will be able to cook delicious and nutricious meals for kids.

Languages: Polish

Residency status: Temporary until December 2015

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Last updated 15/12/2014


  • Police Check Pending
  • References Available
  • Temporary Resident
  • Non-Smoker
Availability Day After School Evening
Pay per hour $23 $23 $23
Monday available available available
Tuesday available available available
Wednesday available available available
Thursday available available available
Friday available available available
Saturday unavailable unavailable unavailable
Sunday unavailable unavailable unavailable
Comfortable caring for ages:
  • 0-1 years
  • 1-2 years
  • 2-3 years
  • 3-5 years
  • 5+ years
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Very easy to use. All the girls I contacted got back to me in record time, and I have found a lovely girl. The kids are so pleased with her too!

Jenny (Aspendale, VIC) Read More

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Fabulous Lady and flexible. Christine cares for my two young children and started with a minimum amount of notice. My son and daughter took to her immediately. Chrisitine ensures everything is clean and tidy and doesn't mind helping out. We are glad we found her. 

Kirsty (Petrie, QLD) Read More

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