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I have sent seven emails and received a reply from all seven babysitters within 48 hours. We are meeting the girls next week and are confident that not only will we have some to help us on a regular basis, but we will have back up too!

Michelle (Wollongong, NSW) Read More

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Christine is the 4th babysitter we've had from this site and by far the most reliable, punctual and kindest one! She's been with us a few months now. My daughters, aged 8 and 10yrs, absolutely adore her, so I never feel guilty about the two evenings fortnightly I have to attend studies. She takes her job seriously and has never been late or not turned up. My girls are always clean and happily tucked up in bed asleep when I get home! She's an absolute treasure to any mum! Feel free to call me for any further references on Christine. Julia Baker 0400140800 Ps. you can't have her Thurs and Tues...she's mine then :-) 

Julia (Petrie, QLD) Read More

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