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About Me

Dear Parents,
I am 21 years old Mongolian female, although I was born in Mongolia, I grew up in Poland. I lived there all my life until last year I decided to come to Sydney to study in university. My cultural background is quite interesting. I have a great connection with children, it's been always a pleasure to me to play, work and teach them new things. I am responsible, reliable, energetic and enthusiastic person who loves spending time with children. I used to work as a babysitter of infants as well as school age children. In addition to babysitting I also offer to do housekeeping, helping with homework, cooking meals and bathing children. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me.

Provides care for ages




24 year old, female babysitter and nanny


Currently Studying - Bachelor of International Business at La Trobe University

Other Skills

Art, music, dance


Polish- I know polish as well as my mother tongue Mongolian-mother tongue French-elementary

Residency status

Temporary until October 2013