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I have used Find A Babysitter on two occasions when returning to work after maternity leave. The first time was to find a nanny for our then 18 month old girl and then further down the track, when I was returning to work after having our second child and my girls were 4 and 1. Each time we found fantastic, reliable, loving (but firm) nannies that became part of our family for the time that they were with us. Our current nanny is due to have her first child in December, so I will subscribe again shortly and start my search again. I have recommended Find A Babysitter to many work colleagues and friends over the past 4 years.

Michelle (Cheltenham, VIC) Read More

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I found Mikaela through this website in Feb 2010. She cared for my daughter (who has just turned 3) for 1 to 1.5 days per wk for about 7 mths until moving to Melbourne a few weeks ago. We all loved Mikaela and were very disappointed when she left. Mikaela is honest, caring, very reliable and great fun. She took my daughter on outings (e.g. playgroup, the playground, the coffee shop), cared for her when she was unwell and initiated activities at home like dancing (Little People's Disco Songs was very popular) and craft. My daughter was always thrilled to see Mikaela arrive and my husband and I always felt extremely comfortable that our daughter was not only well (and patiently) cared for but that she was having lots of fun too. I think the way my daughter feels about Mikaela was summed up one day when we were talking about how she was missing her dad when he was on an extended work trip. I was saying to her that it was a good opportunity to remember how much we care for him and miss him when he's not around. My daughter responded: "yes - like when Mikaela goes home"!  

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