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10 Tips for Babysitters and Nannies

Here are some babysitting tips to help babysitters and nannies make a great first impression!

  1. Make a courtesy call, SMS or email to confirm the date 1 day before (or early the day of) the booking. Confirm the time and address.
  2. Dress appropriately for the job. Wear neat casual clothing.
  3. Arrive 5 minutes early.
  4. Engage with the child proactively - eg get down on his/her level and ask the child to show you some favourite toys. Don't be afraid to play and have fun.
  5. Bring a 'surprise' for the child if he/she is awake. It needn't be expensive - just something 'special' to act as an ice-breaker (e.g., a sticker, a print-out from a kids' website).
  6. Leave the house as tidy as you found it. Wash out your coffee cup, tidy up the kids' clothes, toys or books that may have been left out. It is these small touches that count.
  7. Check sleeping children once or twice during the evening to see that they are sleeping soundly and are not too hot / cold. (Unless the parents ask you not to do so.)
  8. Write brief notes about the events of the day or evening. E.g. "7pm drank milk, did quiet games, picture books. 7:30pm bedtime with no fuss. Said "ball" lots when playing! Has been sleeping soundly."
  9. Respect the parents' privacy. Don't enter areas of the home unless required.
  10. Brush up on kids' favourite songs, videos, pop stars! Re-live your youth! Get to know The Wiggles, Hi-5, Brum, Bananas in Pyjamas and Thomas the Tank!


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